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Thank you for your support!

I'd like to introdruce my team to you, for which I'm very grateful! I really enjoy working with these people - on and off the course. Thanks for always supporting me!
Reece Phillips


I have started working with Reece very successfully since spring of 2021 and he is caddying for me at the tournaments.
Hamburger GC Falkenstein

My club team

The Hamburg GC Falkenstein is my club since 2013. I feel very comfortable in my team, with the whole Falkenstein staff and on the course. I still enjoy being part of the women's team and practice with them as often as possible.
National team

Elite Team Germany

Since I was 14 years old, I've been part of the German national team. I am very proud that I've been a member of the Elite Team Germany since 2020. Together with Sandra Gal and Caroline Masson as well as Max Kieffer, Martin Kaymer and Sebastian Heisele I'll represent Germany. 
Athlete Support

Deutsche Sporthilfe

As I am a member of the Elite Team Germany, I am also supported by the Deutsche Sporthilfe. The foundation supports talented athletes and has been accompanying me for many years.
Foundation for competitive sports

Team Hamburg

As a member of the German Olympic Team with training base in Hamburg, I am also a part of the Team Hamburg. The foundation "Leistungssport" supports us in the preparation for our biggest tournaments and pursues the goal of promoting top-class sports in the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines in Hamburg.
U.COM Player GmbH


I am working with my management U.COM Player since July 2019. They support me in sponsor management, press inquiries, travel planning and are available to help me with everything else. They have a lot of golf know-how and have a great network.